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About Maxey Cosmetics

Maxey Cosmetics was founded in 2007 as a company dedicated to taking a scientific approach to health and beauty. We apply a deeply scientific understanding of the physiology supporting natural health and apply this when developing our consumer products.

In addition to our consumer line, we provide products and services for scientists researching and developing personal care products. We offer specialty raw materials, research reagents, and analytical and custom organic chemistry services. Today, Maxey Cosmetics has locations in the U.S. and Europe serving customers worldwide.

    Research & Development Services

    Maxey Cosmetics has partnered with Cayman Chemical Company to provide specialty reagents and assays for the research and development of products for the personal care industry.


    Understanding allergic and inflammatory responses is integral to cosmetics science and the development of cosmetic ingredients. Allergic and inflammatory processes should be transient and beneficial immune responses. However, problems arise whenever these processes are abnormally prolonged or persistent. Applied research can address these issues from two complementary approaches. The first seeks to avoid or minimize the initiation of allergic and inflammatory responses. Alternatively, treatments may ameliorate, minimize, or resolve ongoing processes, like pain, swelling, itching, or redness. We offer a range of research and testing products for allergy and inflammation in the personal care industry.


    Aging includes a number of complex biological processes that can be hastened or delayed. For example, oxidative stress damages cells while antioxidants are protective. Research indicates that mature cells can be induced to become pluripotent stem cells, suggesting that aging can be halted or even reversed. Anti-Aging R&D products help scientists understand the underlying biology, such as using oxidative stress markers to study the relationship between oxidative stress and aging, and develop new alternatives to fight the superficial manifestations of aging. This research can lead to cosmetic product development by spurring the new product development process to transform research chemicals into novel skin care ingredients.


    Carcinogenesis can be rooted in genetic aberrations or it can be due to environmental factors, which is why it’s of concern to the development of cosmeceutical products and the evaluation of cosmetic product safety. Changes in cell proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, or migration can be critical features relevant to cosmetics science. A wide variety of intracellular signaling pathways, kinases and regulators, and genomic and epigenetic factors can play roles in cancer. We offer over a thousand high purity reagents, assay kits, antibodies, and proteins to query the causes of carcinogenesis and find solutions that are applicable to the research and development of cosmetics products.


    DNA is damaged by a range of environmental stresses, including oxidants and ultraviolet light. Personal care is required to protect cellular DNA from these stresses without interfering with DNA function and replication. A growing understanding of how damaged DNA is repaired provides opportunities for cosmetics industry scientists to formulate solutions that heighten DNA repair mechanisms and can be introduced to the personal care market. We offer a range of research chemicals and assay kits that help researchers investigate DNA damage and repair processes.


    The impact of environmental chemicals added to personal care products and the materials used to package them requires a considered degree of scrutiny to identify enhancements or disruptions to endogenous endocrine activity. We provide ELISA kits with high sensitivity that quickly quantify levels of various hormones in urine, plasma, or other sample types. We also offer antibodies directed against the different hormone receptors and a range of biochemicals, including a variety of phytoestrogens and compounds important for steroid synthesis. We understand the importance of cosmetic product safety in cosmetic product development, so we supply high-quality reagents and assays to the personal care industry.

    Raw Materials


    Black Sea Rod Oil

    Alcohol (and) Isopropyl Cloprostenate

    Isopropyl Dihydro Noralfaprostal

    Dechloro Ethylcloprostenalomide

    Methylamino Dihydro Noralfaprostal

    Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenate

    Caffeic Acid phenylethyl ester



    Cosmetic Research Services


    • Deformulation
    • Purity & Impurity Quantification
    • Product Characterization
    • Unknown Identification

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