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How long after I begin using Lanterna™ will I start to see results?
Skin takes approximately one month to complete a turnover cycle. Until the older, discolored skin has been shed, it will mask the appearance of your newer and brighter tone. Results can be seen in four to six weeks, with continued improvement in appearance in subsequent months.
What is deoxyArbutin?
deoxyArbutin is a patented cosmetic ingredient clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin pigmentation.
How often should I use Lanterna?
The deoxyArbutin does not build up or accumulate in your skin. It is intended to be used up to twice daily.
Do I need to use sunscreen?
deoxyArbutin is not a photosensitizer, and therefore has no effect on sun sensitivity. However, exposure to sunlight increases melanin production (causing a tanning effect). This will diminish the effects of Lanterna. Sunscreen is always recommended to reduce exposure to UV rays.
Will this product dry out my skin?
While Lanterna does impart some moisturizing effects; it can be included in any existing skin care regimen. A moisturizer is recommended if needed.
Will I have to use this product forever? That is, if I stop using this product will my sun spots come back?
Unlike the leading prescription product used to treat skin pigmentation, Lanterna is a cosmetic product intended to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and brighten skin tone. As such, continued use is needed to maintain the effect of Lanterna.
Will there be any more products in the Lanterna line?
Yes. We are actively researching adding to the line. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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