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795 Highland Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 · USA
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Become a Maxey Cosmetics Consultant

An award-winning eyelash serum and leader in the industry, Maxey Cosmetics can help you reach your own personal business goals with our aggressive sales opportunities.

Quality Products

Effective products that work. Backed by science, we stand behind each of our products at Maxey Cosmetics. Our products provide the opportunity for personal growth of your own business within the beauty industry.

All the Marketing Tools

As a sales consultant, Maxey Cosmetics provides you with the tools and access to everything you need to succeed. From professional business cards to retail business marketing kits, you can launch your business immediately.

Two Ways to Earn

As a Maxey Cosmetics sales representative, we offer two ways for you to earn. From there, it's up to you how you choose to grow your personal business.

1 – Sales Consultant Profit: from selling product to friends, family and your own personal network

2 – Retail Commissions: on selling product to retail customers

Get started and enroll today.