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Our Favorite 4-Step Night Routine for Healthy Brows + Lashes

Our Favorite 4-Step Night Routine for Healthy Brows + Lashes

Your favorite candle is lit, the glass of wine is poured, and your latest Netflix episode is queued up. Every beauty enthusiast appreciates an excellent self-care night. The icing on the cake? A nightly routine that conditions and enhances your lashes and brows. 

Read on for our favorite (and simple) 4-step nightly routine to achieve healthy brows and lashes!


     1. Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Removal


Nothing marks the end of a day like that blissful moment of taking your makeup off. Cleansing your face and removing your makeup daily is imperative to maintaining healthy brows and lashes as it keeps them free of dirt, oils, and impurities. We recommend using a gently formulated micellar water and a cotton pad to carefully pat and wipe the eye clean. Avoid tugging or pulling this sensitive area, as it may cause irritation and lash loss!


     2. Brow Conditioning: MaxeyBrow


Conditioning our hair in the shower is a given; but many women don’t know that just like the hair on our head, our eyebrows and eyelashes need care too. Healthy brows and lashes require a daily conditioning treatment to protect against dryness, flakiness, and breakage! 

MaxeyBrow is specially formulated with an active blend of ingredients scientifically chosen to enhance the fullness, thickness, and darkness of your eyebrows. After you’ve cleansed and removed your makeup, apply our award-winning MaxeyBrow serum to the root of your eyebrows, following the natural shape of your brows.


     3. Lash Conditioning: MaxeyLash

Next up–conditioning your lashes. Eyelashes that are strong and healthy are more resilient, protecting them from the drying effects of mascara. Nightly, apply a thin line of MaxeyLash to the root of the upper eyelashes as though you were applying eyeliner. An initial cool, wet sensation is often followed by a warm, tingly feeling: this is normal and will subside quickly.


      4. Protect While You Sleep

After both serums have had time to dry, your healthy brows and lashes routine is almost complete. While the products we use make a huge impact on our lash and brow health, it’s equally important to invest in bed linens that are soft and gentle on your face. We recommend using a satin or silk pillowcase. Cotton fibers, even the softest ones, can cause friction and pull at your lashes, causing breakage and fallout. Silk offers an almost frictionless surface, protecting your lashes from damage.. You’ve already invested in healthy brows and lashes; it’s worthwhile to protect that investment.

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