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Four Habits That Are Drying Out Your Lashes and Brows

Maxey Lash Comb and Brow Wand

(PSA: there’s a chance you might be doing these every day without even realizing it!)

Our eyelashes and eyebrows often get exposed to harsh chemicals and elements, similar to the hair on our heads. Without proper maintenance and protection, they can become dry and brittle – but that doesn’t mean the damage is permanent. What’s the fix? First, we have to take an in-depth look at some common daily habits that are detrimental to our lashes and brows. Rest easy; we have the answers for restoring them to their rightful glory.

Culprit #1: Heavy or Waterproof Makeup Formulas

If you’ve ever spent more than a few hours with matte lipstick on, you know just how drying certain cosmetics can be. Many long-lasting makeup formulas, especially waterproof mascaras or brow gels, can wreak havoc on our delicate lashes and brows over time. Try to avoid daily use and save the more durable formulas for occasions when sweating, swimming, or precipitation just can’t be avoided. 

Culprit #2: Sleeping with Makeup On

We've all had nights where the comfort of our bed outweighs the thought of removing our makeup. However, leaving eye makeup on overnight can seriously compromise the health of your lashes and brows. Makeup residue can clog hair follicles, leading to irritation, weakening, and potential lash loss. To protect and nourish your lashes, adopt a gentle makeup removal routine followed by applying MaxeyLash. This overnight conditioning treatment works while you sleep, providing essential hydration and support for stronger, healthier lashes.

Culprit #3: Over-Grooming and Styling

In the pursuit of perfect lashes and brows, it's easy to overdo it with plucking, waxing, or heavy extensions. Over-plucking can damage brow hair follicles, while too-frequent lash lifts or perms can strain natural lashes, causing breakage or loss. To encourage natural regrowth and strength, MaxeyBrow and MaxeyLash are your best allies. MaxeyBrow nourishes and supports brow follicles for fuller, more defined brows, while MaxeyLash fortifies lashes, ensuring they're strong enough to withstand styling. Together, they help maintain the natural beauty and health of your lashes and brows.

Culprit #4: Aggressively Curling Your Lashes

Trust us, we get it–the perfect flirty curl can seriously elevate your lash look. That said, crimping your lashes every day with a low-grade tool or using too much pressure can be disastrous to their health. Aggressive curling can damage the lashes’ structure, compromising their ability to hold onto moisture. Our advice? Always use a gentle hand when curling lashes, and invest in a well-reviewed curler that won’t cause breakage.

Maxey to the Rescue

Now that you know which habits to kick to the curb, let’s repair those lashes and brows with a combination of nourishing serums and a more gentle daily routine!

Hydration and Nourishment with MaxeyLash

MaxeyLash isn't just another lash serum; it's a blend of science and luxury, designed to bring out the best in your lashes. At its core, MaxeyLash leverages the power of peptides, potent molecules that signal your lashes to grow thicker, longer, and stronger. These peptides, combined with hydrating and nourishing ingredients, create an optimal environment for lash growth.

But MaxeyLash goes beyond mere growth. It infuses your lashes with deep hydration, combating the brittleness often caused by environmental stressors and makeup. Regular application of MaxeyLash results in lashes that are not just longer, but healthier and more resilient, capable of withstanding the daily wear and tear of makeup application and removal.

Revitalizing Brows with MaxeyBrow

Over-plucking, waxing, or laminating can leave brows sparse and struggling to regrow. MaxeyBrow steps in as a hero for your brows, utilizing a similar peptide-based formula to stimulate natural hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles, encouraging them to produce hair more efficiently and effectively, leading to fuller, more defined brows.

MaxeyBrow doesn't just work on the surface; it penetrates deep to nourish the roots, ensuring that new growth is strong and healthy. With consistent use, even the most over-plucked brows can experience a transformation, returning to their natural shape and fullness.

Go forth and prosper with your new wealth of knowledge on your lashes and brows–and don’t forget your essential Maxey products for an extra boost.