Maxeylash Conditioner: A Non-Prescription Solution to Achieving Fuller, Longer-Looking Natural Eyelashes

August 22, 2014

ANN ARBOR, MI. August 22, 2014 – Scientists at Maxey Cosmetics, a cosmeceutical company, have developed Maxeylash Conditioner, a premier eyelash enhancing serum that helps natural lashes appear fuller, longer, and darker without the need for expensive treatments, extensions, false applications, or doctor’s prescription.

Standout eyelashes have become an overwhelming trend in the beauty industry with millions spent every year on eyelash prescriptions, false eyelash applications, and eyelash extensions to achieve the look of longer, fuller lashes. The demand for fuller eyelashes without a prescription has created a market for eyelash enhancement serums that treat lashes for long-term results.

Maxeylash Conditioner is a unique eyelash enhancement serum created by a team of scientists that uses safe, organic lipids to improve the appearance of natural lashes without harmful procedures, chemicals, or adhesives. Maxeylash Conditioner is formulated in a cool and soothing liquid base and is colorless, odorless, and paraben free. In pre-market trials, Maxeylash Conditioner achieved the appearance of longer, fuller, and darker natural lashes in as little as four weeks.

“Women who want the healthy, youthful lashes they remember from childhood now have an excellent choice.” said Kirk Maxey, CEO of Maxey Cosmetics, “Maxey Cosmetics is dedicated to providing a long-term solution to beautiful natural lashes that doesn’t require adhesives, harmful chemicals, or a $250 trip to a salon every 6 weeks.”

In addition the Maxeylash Conditioner, Maxey Cosmetics has also developed Maxeylash Maintenance, a serum to help maintain natural lashes once the desired fullness is achieved. Maxeylash Maintenance contains a natural ingredient from soft corals that help preserve lashes and prevent breakage, dryness, or lashes from falling out due to daily exposure to the environment and common cosmetics applied to the eye, such as mascara.

Maxeylash Conditioner retails for $90.00 and Maxeylash Maintenance for $75.00. Both come in a 6-month supply and can be found at dermatologists’ offices and salons across the country, or by shopping online at